Choose the correct answer !

  1. Anto : l’m not feeling too good. I think I must be catching a cold.
    Indra : oh, well, I think you should take an aspirin and have a rest.
    The underlined word express………..
    A. Prohibition D. Expectation
    B. Necessity E. Expectation
    C. Advice
  2. Tony : Have you visited Terry ? He had an accident last week.
    Jean : oh, poor Terni. I hope he gets better soon.
    The underlined words express……
    A. Pleasure D. Sadness
    B. Satisfaction E. Happiness
    C. Sympathy
  3. Patricia : Hi, Daniel. Would you like to come to the shops with me ?
    Daniel : Oh , yes. That’s a qreat idea I
    The underlined words are used to…
    A. lnvite someone
    B. Ask for permission
    C. Accept an invitationr,r
    D. Qivs permission
    E. Give invitation
  4. Hannah : do you mind if I join your club?
    George : ………………. This is a club for men only.
    A. No, I don’t D. No, I mind
    B. Yes, I don’t E. No, I do
    C. Yes I do
  5. Arif decided…… His family to the big city
    A. To take D. Took
    B. Taking E. Takes
    C. Taken
  6. A : Try this one, the stripes will make yout’iook slimrner.
    B. : ………… ( refusing )
    A. Right after I take off this shirt –
    B. Really ? l’ll wear it then
    C. I will. lt looks nice
    D. No kidding ? it’s awful
    E. I will
  7. A : i don’t like the idea of providinq internet access at home.
    B : I agree. There’s no censorship system in it.
    A. Agrpeing
    B. Refusing
    C. Expressing dislike..
    D. Expressing likes
    E. Expressing ability
  8. Irwin….. For London in two hours
    A. Leaves D. Leave
    B. Left E. Leaved
    C. Has left
  9. The company…… the new mobile phone next week
    A. Launches D. Launched
    B. Launch E. Launcheding
    C. Launching
  10. I……… a seminar in an hour
    A. Will have D. Having
    B. Had E. Will had
    C. Has
  11. The meaning of…. To put into service or action is…
    A. Conductive D. Modern
    B. Brief E. Effective
    C. Previous.
  12. l will ask a question. The Passive.
    A. A question will hold by’me
    B. A question will be held by me
    C. A question will be hold by me
    D. A question will held by me
    E. A question held by me
  13. Could you feed the dog ? The Passive………..
    A. Could the dog fed by you ?
    B. Could the dog be fed by you ?
    C. Could the dog feed by you ?
    D. Could the dog be feed by you ?
    E. Could the dog been fed bY You ?
  14. The synonym or similar meaning of ‘mad’is …
    A. angry D. Happy
    B. stupid E. Dangerous
    C. young
  15. I would have called…..
    A. If I knew her telephone number
    B. If I know her telephone number
    C. If I had known her telephone number
    D. If I will know her telephone number
    E. If I knew her telephone number
  16. What would you do.
    A. if you could lose your job ?
    B. if you will lose your job ?
    C. if you iost your job ?
    D. if you can lose your job ?
    E. if you lose your job ?
  17. She ….lndonesian because she comes from England
    A. doesn’t speak.
    B. don’t speaks
    C. doesn’t speaks
    D. don’t spoke
    E. doesn’t spoke
  18. He was sleeping when you.. . ….him last night
    A. Called D. Callings
    B. calls. E. Call
    C. calling
  19. Your parents…. Happier if you visit your parents at least once a week.
    A. Are D. am
    B. Is E. were
    C. Will be
  20. You hate your job,……?
    A. Don’t you D. are you
    B. Aren’t you E. is you
    C. Didn’t you
  21. Jusuf Kalla was the 1Oth Vice president of Indonesia.
    A. Did Jusuf Kalla be the 10th vice president of lndonesia ?
    B. Was Jusuf Kalla the 10th Vice president of Indonesia ?
    C. Were Jusuf Kalla the 10th Vice president of Indonesia
    D. Do flusuf Kalla be the 10th Vice president of Indonesia
    E. Does Jusuf Kalla be the 10th vice president of lndonesia ?
  22. ….car do you think is overpriced ? This car.
    A. Whose D. When
    B. Which E. Who
    C. What
  23. ………do you earn from ihe business ? one hundreci dollars a month.
    A. How many D. How long
    B. How much E. How far
    C. How
  24. Risa : What do you think of this picture ?
    Upi : I think it’s a. picture.
    A. Dirty D. small
    B. big E. bad
    C. beautiful
  25. We have dinner in the…..
    A. Bedroom D. Dining room
    B. Living room E. Kitchen
    C. Bathroom
  26. What grade are you? I m in…..
    A. Class D. Library
    B. Grade E. Level
    C. Room
  27. I’m ………..l’d like to have some orange juice
    A. Thirsty D. Eat
    B. Hungry E. Tired
    C. Drink
  28. Do you like potato chips? Yes…..
    A. I do D. Isn’t
    B. I am E. I am
    C. I don’t
  29. I had, slept when you…….last night
    A. Called D. Calling
    B. Call E. callings
    C. Calls
  30. They…. For an hour before the doctor came
    A. Waited D. had been waiting
    B. Wait E. Waiting
    C. Waits
  31. Suzy and I ….. Tall and skinny
    A. Is D. Was
    B. Am E. be
    C. Are
  32. My laptop is the….. among others
    A. Good D. Best
    B. Better E. Well
    C. Bestest
  33. She is falling in………….. with me
    A. Love D. Loves
    B. Loving E. lovers
    C. Lover
  34. She will……………us
    A. Follow D. Followed
    B. Follows E. Followeds
    C. Following
  35. She is the best………………
    A. Singing D. Singers
    B. Sings E. Songer
    C. Singer
  36. I have lived here…………… were child
    A. Since D. So
    B. Because E. But
    C. Until
  37. You have to keep quite………. To help come
    A. So D. For
    B. Till E. And
    C. But
  38. The room is clean…….the food is bad
    A. Or D. Nor
    B. And E. But
    C. For
  39. There are so many vegetables…………. Orange contain vitamin C
    A. Include D. Includes
    B. Including E. Or
    C. And
  40. I cannot…………the floor
    A. Cleans D. Cleaned
    B. Cleaning E. Cleanings
    C. Clean
  41. You always make me…………
    A. Prode D. Have been pround
    B. Prouder E. Prouds
    C. Proud
  42. I learn English………..detail
    A. In D. For
    B. On E. At
    C. To
  43. Do you know…….. my mother will come tomorrow?
    A. If D. Up
    B. So E. At
    C. Too
  44. What will I do…….. you? I will not win the game if you cannot be my partner.
    A. With D. Win
    B. Within E. Won
    C. Without
  45. This book is….. to reach by your hand
    A. Close enough D. Closer than
    B. Very close E. Closer
    C. Enough close
  46. You cannot neither eat salad……meat
    A. Or D. Because
    B. Nor E. For
    C. As
  47. You are a nice dancer. My sister is a nice dancer………..
    A. Too D. But
    B. As E. Or
    C. For
  48. Mom, you will not be permitted to…….. the room because the show will be starting.
    A. Enter D. Enters
    B. Entered E. Entereds
    C. Entering
  49. She is always against……..
    A. Violating D. Violance
    B. Violent E. Violates
    C. Violate
  50. He need only a ……….. minutes
    A. Some D. Few
    B. Many E. A lot
    C. Much